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Online Tutoring and Homework Help
Our online tutoring covers math and english subjects from Kindergarten to College. When you call us, you will be talking to one of our mentors who has in-depth knowledge on the school systems, curriculum and teaching strategies employed in the US. After discussing with you, your mentor will schedule a free trial class for you with the most appropriate tutor. You will have no obligation to by any products from us. After the trial class, if you decide to continue with us, you purchase the number of tutoring hours/minutes you need. The time you purchased will not expire. You work with your tutor/mentor to preschedule your tutoring session with your tutor. At any time you can upload questions/documents that you may want to discuss with your tutor.

    In a secure environment, your tutor will share her/his computer screen with you. You will have various tools to draw and write on the screen. You can share your screen with the tutor is necessary. You both will talk to each other over the internet. You will have access to our online repository of study material. At any time you will be able to review your account history.

Online Testing and Tutoring for SAT Math
We believe that the only way to master any skill is through extensive practice. Through our online testing program you will be starting with practice SAT tests. You will receive your complete score reports, through wihich you can access the detailed explanation behind the solution of each question. Each of our test covers a balanced mix of SAT math topics and questions of varying difficulty levels. Your score reports will help you focus on subject areas where most attention is needed and where you can imporve your score substantially. You can optionally purchase tutoring time if you need additional help.
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